Hey, hey! A brand new
Bhavani workshop
at a brand new venue in the
beautiful Berkshires!

Get ready for a treat! Two of my fine teacher friends and I are doing a workshop at the beautiful Eastover Resort in Lenox, MA on the August 21-23 weekend. Info and registration here.

Sara Meeks and Penny Shure are both movement masters and the program is called Dynamic Movement Solutions. As Sara says: ”If you are alive in a human body, this seminar is for YOU”.

Sara is an awesome old-time Kripalu yoga teacher, and also a longtime Physical Therapist. She’s developed SAFE yoga (Skeletally Appropriate for Everyone) as well as the Meeks Method of movement, with movement tips great for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis—but also terrific for any body.

With a background in dance, Penny is a classical Pilates instructor who has created the Internal Alignment Awareness series that combines the skeletal alignment foundations from The Meeks Method with Pilates, Qigong, and dance principles. Together these two ladies are a dynamic duo.

What I’ll bring to the mix are meditation, chanting, and other sounding experiences, all of which add to your physical and emotional health and well-being. By the end of the weekend, with your new postural alignment and possibilities of movement, you’ll not only feel better—you’ll look better.

For more information click on the date in the Upcoming Programs box, and there's even more about the program and how to register on the Eastover site.

Meanwhile, please explore my website. On the Workshops page you can read about the kinds of workshops I do and pick one to sponsor in your area. The CDs pages give information and lyrics from individual CDs, and in the Store you can purchase hard copies or downloads of my six CDs.

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