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responsive template purpleLog on with a mobile phone or tablet and you’ll notice that our new responsive design automatically adjusts to any screen size. That makes it much easier to read and navigate on all devices. Try each of them and rejoice in the shifts the site makes!

No matter how you log on, please explore all the nooks and crannies. You’ll find the features of the old site still here, with some in slightly different places. On the Workshops page you can read about the kinds of workshops I do and pick one to sponsor in your area. The CDs pages give information and lyrics from individual CDs, and in the Store you can purchase hard copies or downloads. 

We’ve also added new items that I hope you enjoy. First, click on the date below the  Upcoming Program Alert!  banner on the right to check out the details of my next Kripalu program.

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Then there are Articles, mostly blog posts from Thrive, the Kripalu blog, and a Video Blog where you can see two interviews I did for Yoga Hub.

The Q&As currently come from one of the Yoga Hub sessions, but you can always ask me a question on my Guest Book page and I’ll answer it in the Q&As section.

Still in progress are the Past Newsletters page—there are more issues coming--and the Feedback section. On that page we'll post more feedback that I’ve gotten over the years from workshop participants, and you can send me additional feedback as well. 

Feel free to express any positive comments about the site on our Guest Book page. Send suggestions for improvement to me at bhavani@bhavanilorrainenelson.com. Thanks so much. Together we’ll keep improving!


Upcoming Program Alert!

  • Jul 17
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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