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Hi Bhavani, Wishing you peace and Blessings during this holiday season.
Just wanted to say hello, and happy holidays to you... I was listening to a 1995 Saptah tape you made and your voice catapulted me into prayer so very wonderfully, so I bought a few of your CDs and put myself on your email list. Do you have anything I could hear on sounding? I'm in LA, rather far... But anyway, God bless you!
I attended you Mantra Workshop on Sunday evening. I was enchanted. What a combination of scholarship and entertainment!! Fantastic.
I really enjoyed reading bhavanilorrainenelson.com , bookmarked your site
Hi Bhavani!, You might not remember me, but I completed one of your 5 day retreats during the summer of 2007. I was just about to start college back then, and your guidance helped me develop a meditation practice I continue to this day. Thank you for continuing to teach meditation in such a kind, accessible manner. I've recommended your program to friends and family, and I hope to join you again for another retreat soon. Wishing you all the best, Ashish
Lorraine, I met you at Kripalu this weekend. After taking your yoga chant class I spoke to you outside of the cafeteria. Your class really had an impact on me and I am so sorry that my wife and I had to leave it early and I did not get to stay for the whole class. You were too humble I did find your CD on sale in the gift shop. I bought the meditations in chant and we listen to it all the time in the car and in the house. Do you have any recordings with the harmonium? Dan
Exciting new website, Bhavani! I love how the music follows you from page to page! Love and Blessings, Allura
We attended your Meditation lecture tonight at Kripalu and thought it was such a beautifully clear Introduction and explanation of other questions about Meditation. My husband has attempted to meditate numerous times but has been very frustrated. With your suggestion to try a Walking Meditation, he feels very hopeful that this may be a path for him. So we just ordered your CD on that, and look forward to hearing your beautiful voice on the other CD you mentioned as well. After getting a taste of the Bhavani Lorraine Nelson experience tonight, so glad these CDs existed, so we can take some of your encouragement and "light" home with us. You are a gifted teacher and guide. Thank you!
What a wonderful seminar on meditation at Kripalu this weekend. I've started with LovingKindness at bedtime and find I drift off to sleep so easily, and I love the mantra you shared. Thank you.
just took your seminar at kripalu... excellent!! i am honored to call you my first teacher...
Bhavani, Both Bill and I enjoyed our time together last weekend at Kripalu. You are a dynamic woman who brings peace and kindness to the class, as well as OUR world. We look forward to seeing you again! Thank You! Peace
I loved joining you this past weeked at Kripalu for your Meditation Program.
Great to see you doing so well.
Just a note to apologize for missing your last kirtans at Kripalu. I have been enjoying (?) the spring cleanup flue. A real bummer. Still too juicy for human company, but soon I hope. Look forward to seeing you at Atma's next home kirtan. XO Roma (romabern@yahoo.com)
Bhavani I really like the new web page ...Who did that for you. Let me know if you ever get to Florida, would love to chant with you. You know you where my chanting inspiration many years ago when I was visiting Kripalu on Gurudevs request
i am at kripalu now and just did a search for kirtan and found your site. i have been to a few of your r and r workshops. you are a treasure. i hope you know what you bring to people and hope you get some of it back ira
Hello Bhavani! I'm thrilled to find your web site, updated photo, and to see you again. I've been to Kripalu many times in the past but not for several years. I so miss Kirtan, and so long for the deep heart responses they evoked in me, and especially when you were leading. I love your voice. I am drawn to Bhakti yoga and would love to be able to be near enough to be in community on a regular basis to experience more of this in my life. I look forward to receiving your newsletters. Thank you for the difference you've always made in my life and for the work you do with such devotion and love. I have a secret desire to learn the harmonium and to study and learn the chants and fill my life with this beauty.
Attended your Intro to Mantra R&R talk this past Sunday. Was captivated by your warm engaging style but disappointed that you were having vocal issues and didn't actually chant. So, I went to the bookstore and bought two cd's...I am a singer and professional musician. Love your style, voice and simple creations. Lookingn forward to using is to help me create peace. I hope to study with you again. Thank you and be well.
Thank you for the interesting and wonderful sounding workshop and Kripalu Saturday night. I was attending Jillian Pransky's weekend workshop with my college roommate from 1974 (!). Because she sings in a choir, she convinced my to try your workshop, even though I hate my voice. Well, I don't hate it any more! I don't love it, but it was not as hideous as I thought after the breath exercises. I am still thinking about sound and vibrations, and all the connections you made. Thank you for the teachings. Best regards, Lisa Robinow
Greetings Bhavani Lorraine! I attended a mantra / mala bead "how-to" session with you at Kripalu back in November 2010. Although I haven't gotten back there, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. There is always something in there that I find useful, and I just wanted to thank you for all the good you do for humanity! Namaste and many blessings to you!
Your kirtan at Kripalu last weekend brought harmony and beauty into my day. The collective vibrations of our group brought me to my feet and had me dancing on wings of bliss. Many thanks, many blessings!
Things were far too hectic the night of my mother's party for me to tell you how nice it was to see you and that you were able to attend. It meant a lot to my mother and to me.
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk regarding mantras at the Yoga Hub conference. You have a true gift for teaching and I now want to include mantra as part of my daily practice. I also loved your closing day remarks as well, very inspiring. It is always so wonderful to meet another "teacher" in one's life, so thank you! Much joy! Cecilia Howard Sharing the journey and making connections, that is the art of living! http://mindfulmenopause.blogspot.com/ The Mindful Musings of a Midlife Maven
Wanted to simply say hello dear Lorraine...loved reading about your adventures...take good care of yourself...looks like you are doing some very important work. all the best with love, Judith P.S. It has been awhile but we met while studying with Dr. Kenneth G.Mills.
Thank you so much for coming to Daytona Beach to share your workshop this weekend! I am looking forward to it. See you on Sunday!! leave your wnter coat at home.....it is paradise here! Nanette Long
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just attended the meditation workshop at Kripalu. I was the one who referred to accupunture and was also so much into the chanting today.I did not personaly thank you for all the gifts i received. I am also a Reiki practitioner. This practice has brought me to meditation. I became interested in eastern philosophy 2 1/2 years ago when I had stress in my job. Ironically my husband had died a year earlier and i felt that stress was less than the job stress?????? Well i'm on quit the journey, spiritual, mind and body [ I now practice Qigong anf Taichi daily for 2 1/2 years and my stress level is a 1[ maybe a 2]. I will become a Qigong/Taichi instructor for seniors in the future. I want to thank you for all the tools i now have to deepen my practice.Peace andBlessings, Judy
So wonderful to tone and chant with you this past weekend at Kripalu. You are now and always the "keeper of my heart" with your devotion and compassion.
I attended your seminar this past weekend, during my first visit to Kripalu. Your voice and insight are so soothing, so peaceful. I am amazed at the knowledge you carry with you and share with all. I hope to able to be honored by your presence again on future trips to the retreat.
Bhavani ~ thank you so much for everything you taught me over this past weekend at Kripalu! Already, meditation on the breath and walking meditation have been wonderful improvements in my life!
I enjoyed your workshop on meditation at Kripalu last weekend. Purchased your CD in the shop and am getting ready to listen to it. Thank you. Hope to study with you again.
interested in meditation - please inform home phone 603-964-9210 cell phone 603-717-5254
Lorrain (Bhavni) I can't find the image of you while you were in Japan. I am triYng to share your voice an insight to my friends. In Christ, Josie
I so enjoyed meeting you and aprticipating in your workshop at our school last Sunday! I am sure our paths will cross again!...diane
Bhavani, HI!!! Not sure if you remember me. Used to be a resident at Kripalu....Anoush Khachoyan was my name back then, Tarla was my Sanskrit name. LOVE your music, love your voice, as usual...I'm in LA now, auditioning as an actress - for Indian roles! hahaha! My stay at Kripalu is sooo coming in handy! Will look and see if you have any of the chants we used to sing at Satsang. Bravo on your music career. Keep going! Love, Anoush
I want you to know how inspired I was by you during my visit to Kripalu last weekend. I am in my second year of a spiritual journey and found great comfort in your energy. I am listening to your CD and just ordered 2 more. You also brought me a connection to my sister who I lost a number of years ago (for the first time). Thank you. Namaste
Love your website! Linked to it via YogaHub. Rudy is also teaching for their conference :) Your topic sounds fab. I have returned to chanting and it's just been great for me. Love you!
The new web site is perfect, so is the new CD. Amba Bhavani! Peace, Gail askgail.com/wordpress
Wonderful, loving music. I hope to have you come to one of my spring retreat days at Inn Nature. Right now my driveway is sort of a bobsled run, so I am closed until April. Have a wonderful holiday with your new Harmonium Namaste Sarah www.innnature.com
I am so loving the Meditation CD and use it every day!! You were right when you said one time "I guarantee you will be able to meditate with this!" I am coming to the Kripalu workshop in January and so looking fwd to it. I get so much out of being with you, the chanting and breathing sessions and such. Thank you for being there and for who you are.
Thank you, Lorrie. You make me feel young again. I"m so proud of you.
hi bhavani! what a beautiful website! best of luck with everything and i enjoyed seeing you at the kirtan in glens falls ny and earlier this year at kripalu. thank you so much for e mailing me.
Thank you so much for the wonderful meditation workshop at Kripalu this weekend. You provided a wonderful way for me to grab hold of my self and focus, instead of feeling pulled apart by distraction. You, and the experience, are a great gift.
Lori - I am very involved in complementary and alternative medicine now, as a psychiatrist at the University of Michigan. Love listening to your first album; hope to get to Kripalu some time.
I attended your 45 minute meditation program at Kripalu on 8/8 and it was simply wonderful. I got the CD and practice began yesterday! I hope our paths cross again...I'd take a class from you anytime. Thank you!
Dearest Bhavani, I loved those audio clips! The new CD (Amba Bhavani) is awesome...works especially well in traffic jams. Your new website is beautiful. I'll be waiting for word of Meditation made possible II. Jai! -Sandy.
Hi Bhavani Been looking around your new site and it is wonderful! Good work! love- Linda
Hare Krishna! Great website Bhavani! It's nice to see all your CDs all in a row. -Derek
nice website! good work. - Vikram


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