It's holiday gift giving time--
and I have two gifts for you.


Kripalu Christmas tree with lightsFirst, it would be a gift for both of us if you joined me at my Soothing Midwinter Meditation Retreat, December 22-25 for a sparkling white Christmas in the Berkshires. It's the perfect respite from the holiday hubbub. 

Picture of A New Dawn CD coverSecond, a gift ready for you and your friends right now. For this holiday I'm offering a special price on one of my CDs. All my CDs are available on my Store page, but if you click on this button you'll get copies of A New Dawn for only $8 plus shipping.


If you're not familiar with A New Dawn, it's a CD of inspirational songs I did with my friends Mark Kelso and Linda Worster. On it, I'm singing songs mostly that I wrote, but also some that they and others wrote. You can hear clips and read the lyrics of the songs on the album here

At this point in my life most people know me as a Kripalu program and workshop leader in various techniques of meditation and types of sounding, including chanting, singing, and toning. But before I came to Kripalu I was at one time a professional singer/songwriter performing all over the US, and this CD contains some of my favorite songs. Check them out and see if you'd like to take advantage of the half-price offer. 

Please sign the Guestbook before you leave. And feel free to send me questions and/or rejoicings about your meditation practice at Have a beautiful holiday season. Peace and blessings.





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Quote of the Week

Breathing in, I calm my body;
Breathing out, I smile;
Dwelling in the present moment
I know this is a wonderful moment.
- Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace is Every Step

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