Child of the Living God

Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, Mark Kelso
Bhavani Lorraine Nelson


I am a child of the living God;
I breathe beauty all along my way. (2x)
I am the light of the Divine Flame,
Growing brighter every day. (2x)
I am the love that fills my soul,
Sharing joy and peace with all (2x)


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  • Dec 23
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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Quote of the Week

The gateway to compassion and lovingkindness is to be able to feel our own pain, and the pain of others. If we are able to open in this way, our hearts can melt, and the healing salve of compassion can anoint all our wounds.


—Lama Palden, “The Gateway to Compassion

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