Soulflight: Chanted Mantras for Healing and Illumination

November 30, 2003


Featuring extended chanting of three powerful Sanskrit mantras the Mahamrityunjaya, the Gayatri, and Om Namah Shivaya Gurave, a mantra particularly associated with the Kripalu lineage, the album was created as an aid to mantra meditation—just chant along—and/or as a companion to yoga, meditation, massage or daily tasks. It’s continuous music with flute interludes between the mantras, but with marked tracks so you can go directly to a particular chant, or repeat one for a longer time. However you use it, it's guaranteed to lower your blood pressure! 


Bhavani Lorraine Nelsonsoulflight_150x134.jpgwith Mark Kelso and Steve Gorn

Price: $15.98



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  • Jun 23
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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