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Click on the general topics listed below for information on sample events and workshops that can be presented in various formats from two-hours or a half-day to a full-day, a weekend workshop or 5 day program. Often Bhavani will present a combination of these when creating a unique workshop for a specific group or purpose. To contact Bhavani to explore having her do an event in your area, simply click on Contact in the Destinations list, then on Bhavani's e-mail, and put Workshop Wanted in the title of your e-mail to her.

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  • Dec 23
    Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,  Stockbridge

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The gateway to compassion and lovingkindness is to be able to feel our own pain, and the pain of others. If we are able to open in this way, our hearts can melt, and the healing salve of compassion can anoint all our wounds.


—Lama Palden, “The Gateway to Compassion

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