This is the foundational workshop for all of Bhavani’s work with sounding. It is simple and fun, yet profoundly transforming, because freeing your voice from the constraints of bad vocal habits and emotional blockages can empower you to express yourself more fully in every area of your life. In Soundplay, Bhavani teaches easy exercises to open the body and release the voice, and guides you to find your own, unique sound. Using some science, some play and lots of encouragement Bhavani brings the experience of sounding into daily life so that it transforms the way you stand, the way you breathe, the way you show up in the world. You’ll also discover how to use sound to relax and heal your body and others, and experience the feeling of at-one-ment that comes from sounding with like-hearted others.

In this workshop, participants will

---have an experience of themselves as sound (resonant/healthy) beings
---uncover their unique sound—the voice that is their right and responsibility—and learn to use their voice safely and comfortably

---empower themselves to share their voice—their unique perspective—in every area of their lives, including speaking and singing

---use sound to assist their bodies, minds, and emotions to relax and heal


Sound Healing

Since the beginning of time, every culture and spiritual tradition has recognized the power of musical sound to sooth, to inspire, to enchant, to heal. We’ve all felt the effects of a stirring march, a calming lullaby, and a moving love song. Now scientists are confirming that those effects are much more tangible and far-reaching than we have imagined. In fact, some are saying that sound healing will be the most important healing modality in this millenium.

The simplest and most potent instrument of sound healing is the human voice—the vibration of our innermost being, our very heart. When we infuse our heartsound with the power of a healing intention, we immediately bring ourselves and everyone around us into greater attunement with the energies that form our universe. The best part is there’s no special training or equipment needed—all of us are born with this ability.

In this workshop you’ll reconnect with the power of your own sounding and experience for yourself the effect various techniques of sound healing, including mantra and free toning, have on you. You’ll learn pattern-changing practices you can use anywhere as well as how to set up healing sound circles. Bring friends with you to this one!


The Enchantment of Sanskrit Chanting

Whether you are already a lover of Kirtan or are new to Sanskrit chanting and wondering what it’s all about, this workshop is for you. We will immerse ourselves in the great sea of devotion as we invoke various of the divine energies, and we’ll explore the background and benefits of this practice and the qualities of the particular deities we’re invoking.

Since the beginning of time, chanting has been a part of all spiritual traditions. In the Yogic tradition, Sanskrit chanting is part of the branch of yoga called the yoga of devotion (Bhakti yoga), and many find that chanting does evoke that yearning of the heart to experience more fully the mystery that is life. For many it also elicits a deep, meditative state and a clearing of the body, mind and spirit. The benefits of chanting are magnified when it’s practiced in a group, so bring all your friends and explore what the practice does for you.


The Yoga of Sounding

When we realize how profoundly the vibrations we carry within our minds and bodies affect us, as well as everyone around us, we may be inspired to begin a practice of nada yoga. Making conscious use of simple techniques and principles of sounding changes the vibrations we put into the world, which develops our consciousness and enhances the evolutionary well being of everything around us.

In this workshop we’ll explore techniques that you can use to construct your personal ongoing nada yoga practice. In the course of the day you will

      ---learn simple exercises to open the body so that sound flows through it freely
---use “toning”—the natural process of making spontaneous vocal sounds—to create balance in your body, mind, and electromagnetic field
---experience the primordial power of mantra chanting as a method of aligning consciousness—changing your random thoughts and emotions into a cohesive and graceful pattern
---tune in to your inner music, the inner nada, the cosmic vibration that leads to the experience of one’s true Self

 You will leave refreshed and rejuvenated, every cell in your body humming in harmony with the universe.



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