Read reviews of Bhavani's recordings and workshop feedback below:

About Bhavani's "Amba Bhavani: Meditations" album:

Kripalu's beloved songstress and senior faculty member, Bhavani, brings her trademark sensitivity and soulfulness to her renditions of three meditative and melodic yoga chants: Amba Bhavani ("Mother Bhavani"), Bhagawan Kripalu ( a chant in Gujarati written for Swami Kripalu), and Hara, Hara Gurudeva (a traditional Sanskrit chant). An uplifting and peaceful backdrop for personal practice, deep relaxation, or yoga class, the hour-long CD features a host of fabulous musicians on backup, including Mark Kelso on keyboards, Linda Worster on guitar, Steve Gorn on bansuri flutes, and Malay Desai on tablas. The CD insert features the full text of the three chants in their original language as well as translations and transliterations. Get lost in Bhavani's sweet, clear voice and in the ancient verses, which seem to grow more powerful with each repetition.” - Tresca Weinstein, editor

— Yoga Bulletin of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (Jun 15, 2009)

About Bhavani's "New Dawn" album:

When Bhavani sang "Prayer to the Ocean of Life" at the 2007 KYTA conference, KYTA members repeatedly requested that she record this powerful, heart-warming song. On her new CD, Bhavani fulfills that request and adds a dozen more uplifting and soul-searching songs in which her rich voice glows against a tapestry of musical accompaniment by Linda Worster, David Grover, Mark Kelso, and others.” - Tresca Weinstein, editor

— Yoga Bulletin of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association (November 15, 2008)

Bhavani's clear, warm voice touches your soul, the lyrics fill your heart with joy and hope, and the combination transports you to places of inexplicable beauty. ” - Belinda Bothwick, Holistic Therapist
5 out of 5 stars! Music to Stir your Soul. For accompaniment to Yoga practice or for easy listening while doing other activities, the deeply passionate and moving voice of Bhavani adds a magnitude of inspiration to whatever you are doing. Not only can you sing along to the beautiful lyrics as you hear the gorgeous sounds of the accompanying musicians, but you can FEEL the depth of passion and emotion of Bhavani's crystal-clear voice deep in your soul. The more you listen, the more you feel. A definite must-have for Yoga practitioners who want to add another level of beauty to their experience and for teachers who want to share that beauty with others.” - Sara Meeks, yoga practitioner and teacher