Anodea Judith, author of "Wheels of Life" (Nov 7, 2003) Bhavani's clear voice rings like a bell to purify, energize, and calm your entire being. This is the work of an accomplished singer and meditator.   Swami Shivananda Saraswati, chanting and Sanskrit teacher (Oct 31, 2003) Bhavani's Gayatri mantra glows with energy—an energy that transmits to the listener.   Elizabeth Law, manager of Kripalu Shop, Stockbridge, MA (Oct 29, 2003) Perfect for yoga and meditation practitioners and teachers, this beautiful CD creates a gentle experience that touches the soul.   George Hagar "Reiki practitioner since 1995" (Framingham, Massachusetts United States) - (Dec 20, 2005) 5 Stars! Step Into the LightPurchase this spiritual masterpiece; also purchase The Health and Spirituality Yantra from Vastu Creations (available from Amazon); play track 2 - Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra and chant along to activate the Yanta. Bliss Out!   happy now (San Diego, CA USA) - (Oct 29, 2005) 5 Stars! wonderful, buy it!I ordered this CD hoping for the tranquility it promised, even though I laughed at the idea that I might "chant along". Not me, not ever. When I began playing the CD, I was not too impressed. Then my husband came home and he said "What's that horrible noise? Can you turn that off?" I re-read the reviews, wondering how I'd been mislead into wasting my money. Next day, when hubby was at work I tried listening one more time. Surprise #1: Wow, not only was it beautiful and calming, I was totally amazed to find that I couldn't help but chant (well, humm) along.Surprise #2: When hubby came home, this time I left the CD playing at a lower volume, and there were no complaints. We both felt calm and peaceful. Big difference from the usual afternoon atmosphere when the radio news is on while I make dinner and he works on the computer.Now I am in love with this CD and I play it every day. I find myself feeling that I am drifting down a beautiful stream, passing beneath trees laden with fragrant blossoms, and all is right with the world. And I always hum along...   Mariya S. Morse "mariyasunshine" (Norwalk, CT United States) - (May 27, 2005) 5 Stars! One of my favorites for yoga and meditationI first heard about this cd in 2004 while at one of Bhavani's meditation retreats. She had been singing to us all week and I eagerly awaited the release of this album. My fiance ordered it for me for Christmas and it remains one of my favorites. When I play it during a yoga class, students will always ask me about it and where they can get it. I'm so glad Amazon is selling it. You won't be disappointed.   Rose M. Campisi "Rose Campisi" (Williston, VT) - (May 5, 2005) 5 Stars! Touches your soul.Bhavani selected the appropriate title for this album. She has a voice like an angel and touches your soul with her voice. Whether you are just listening or chanting along your soul will take flight.   Nancy Terrell - All At Sea - (Jan 18, 2004) 5 Stars! Perfect background for yogic sailing...I recently took a brief seminar at Kripalu Institute from the artist - she not only has a holy and powerful voice but is spiritual to the core. I feel her presence when listening to this CD. Thank You Bhavani    ”

— Soulflight: Chanted Mantras for Healing and Illumination reviews


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Introduction to Meditation

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Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 57 Interlaken Road , Stockbridge, MA 01262

Heard about the benefits of meditation and wondered what the practice is really like? Or maybe you’ve had some meditation instruction but haven’t yet found a technique that fits your temperament and lifestyle, one that allows you to sustain a regular practice.

Bhavani Lorraine Nelson, known for her clear instruction and user-friendly approach, introduces you to meditation techniques from the yogic and Buddhist traditions, including

Meditation on the breath Loving-kindness meditation Walking meditation Pranayama (breathing exercises) Mantra meditation Sanskrit chanting as meditation. Gain the inspiration and clarity you need to continue meditating at home, ultimately bringing greater peace, equanimity, and contentment into your life.


CANCELED Speaking From The Heart with Bhavani Lorraine-Nelson

The Yoga Space, 82 Washington St, Keene, New Hampshire 03431

Whether your public speaking is on stage, teaching, or offering a toast, you’re not alone if you experience performance anxiety. For many, the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death. This workshop will teach you how to use the tools of breath and yoga to transform your fear into the joy that comes from authentically communicating the message of your heart.

You will learn:

~exercises to bring you present in your body before you speak; ~the body’s relaxation-producing breath, which naturally dissipates anxiety; ~and mindfulness techniques that maintain an inner focus.

“My promise to you is not that you’ll no longer feel any fear, but that it will no longer hold you back from sharing your uniqueness with the world.” Bhavani Lorraine-Nelson


CANCELED Classic Kirtan with Bhavani Lorraine Nelson at The Yoga Space

The Yoga Space, 82 Washington St , Keene, New Hampshire 03431

It was Krishna himself who said that the simple calling out of the divine names is the best spiritual practice in chaotic times. Chanting is a breathing practice—now prescribed by doctors for their heart patients; a meditation—see how quiet your monkey mind is as you immerse yourself in the chanting; a place to put your yearning for a direct experience of the divine; and above all else, it’s cheerful. It’s also true that we that we magnify the power of the chant when we practice as a group. So join us!

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