om tryambakam yajamahe
sugandhim pusti-vardhanam
urvarukam iva bandhanan
mrtyor muksiya mamrtat svaha

We meditate on Shiva, the father of the three worlds, of sweet fragrance, who expands (spiritual) growth. Like the (fully ripened) cucumber (easily snapped) from its stem, may I be free from the bondage of death. May I not be without the nectar of immortality. Svaha (exclamation of offering)

(The yogis say that by chanting the Great Death-Defying Mantra you can overcome all struggle and adversity in your life and emerge victorious. I definitely feel empowered each time I chant it. You can use the "swaha" intentionally to let go of something you no longer wish to have in your life or to bring in something you're wanting. The mantra is often prescribed for healing.)