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My new audio project is a group of slow, meditative chants and songs, which are now available here at $2.00 per track. More will be released week after week.

For a taste of my music as you browse, click play on the audio player. 

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Monday Evening Zoom Meditation Sangha

Mondays, 7 PM to about 8:15 PM EST 

Join an established Zoom sangha of beautiful meditators from across the US. We sit together for 40 minutes, then have an inspirational reading a participant has brought and a lively discussion. You’re free to do any form of silent meditation.

This is a free offering, but monetary gifts are welcome at Venmo or PayPal.


Wednesday Evening Zoom Chanting

Wednesdays, 7 PM to about 8:15 PM EST

Join ongoing weekly sessions of Sanskrit call and response chanting in the tradition of Kripalu. The chants are different each week, some very ancient, some newer. ZoomChant members receive a weekly informational email with the week’s chants and an interesting article. This is a good one to invite your friends to.

This is a free offering, but monetary gifts are welcome at Venmo or PayPal.

Upcoming Programs-Zoom and Live

LIVE: IN-PERSON and ON ZOOM on 11/6/2022: Speaking from the Heart—and Being Heard!

Join me on Sunday, November 6th, from 2-4pm at The Yoga Space in Keene, NH in-person or virtually on Zoom.

Whether your public speaking is on stage, teaching, or offering a toast, this workshop is for you.

Recorded Fall 2021: Gateways to Meditation: Exploring Six Concentration Practices

Six 75-minute sessions for beginners. Experienced practitioners welcome. 

Learn and practice major concentration practices to see which one (or ones) resonate with your personality. 

Purchase the full series for the best experience or you can purchase single sessions.

One-on-One Sessions with Bhavani

With Bhavani’s background in vocal study and performance, as well as her achieving the Distinguished Toastmaster level in the Toastmaster’s organization and having taught public speaking for years, she is available for individual:
-voice lessons
-vocal performance coaching
-speech basics, and
-speech presentation coaching

Bhavani also does individual meditation and chanting sessions.

Workshops to Sponsor—Zoom and Live

Create a workshop for your friends or business colleagues—live or on Zoom. Below are some of the possible topics, but Bhavani will work with you to present exactly what your group is wanting.

-Meditation Workshops

-Kirtans and Concerts

-Sounding, Singing, and Chanting

-Public Speaking

-Tools for Conscious, Stress-free Living

-Workshops Especially for Yoga Teachers


Singer, Songwriter, Kirtan Wallah, Inspirational Teacher, Professional-level Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and Distinguished Toastmaster

Bhavani credits as the beginning of her pull toward a career in teaching the moment as a six-year-old when she taught the Brownie scout next to her how to make a carnation from a Kleenex tissue. Her path was further clarified when her eighth grade English teacher asked her to teach sentence diagramming—a lost art—to the class. Since that time whenever Bhavani learned something she enjoyed, she ended up sharing it with others.

That sharing included classic voice and vocal pedagogy, guitar and macrame in her traveling years, junior high mathematics for the city of Baltimore, and third grade math on television for the state of MD. Always she was known for taking subjects that seemed complicated to others and explaining them in clear, understandable language.

Along the way, she was also called upon to use other skills as she did work in theater and opera companies, became a classical deejay on a prominent NYC radio station, did voiceover work, and led choirs. There again she took that experience and shared it in programs teaching public speaking, voice projection, and freeing the voice for speaking or singing.

But behind all that she learned and all that she shared in her teaching, Bhavani maintained a study and experience of the spiritual. In the beginning it was through her singing for many Christian denominations, then moving into Eastern contemplative practices, and finally ending up at Kripalu in 1988. There she immersed herself in yoga, including deep practice in meditation, pranayama, and the Sanskrit chanting she’d first discovered through Ram Das in 1970.

Bhavani counts as her spiritual teachers Kenneth G. Mills, Yogi Amrit Desai, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein, Sylvia Boorstein, Ruth Denison, Namadeva Acharya (Thomas Ashley-Farrand), and Russill Paul.

As she’d always done, Bhavani didn’t keep the practices she learned to herself, but once again shared her knowledge in user-friendly ways, leading  at Kripalu and around the world workshops and programs particularly on various types of meditation, but also yogic tools to relieve stress, and the joys of sounding—especially chanting.


The Soothing Series

Click "Download" to purchase a MP3 recording you can stream anywhere.

Available now on:

The Story of The Soothing Series:  

The project came about as a result of my having had the honor over time of singing for people in the process of transitioning from this world. Somehow my chanting for them had extraordinary results. As I sang, people present commented on how the person I was chanting for went from a state of agitation to great peace. My chanting seemed to enable them to let go into their process. 

After the last occasion, others began coming up to me to ask if I’d do the same for them. Since I can’t be beside everyone as they are transitioning, I decided to record a group of slow, meditative chants and songs in Sanskrit, Pali, Hebrew, Latin, Spanish and English--some traditional and some composed by me or friends of mine—that would be available for people anytime. I’m releasing them as tracks so people can create a playlist of the songs they choose. 

In the process of doing the recordings, it became clear that a person doesn’t have to be on their deathbed to make use of them. They are great for soothing babies and children, bringing anyone into a meditative state, getting insomniacs back to sleep, bringing quiet peace during savasana at the end of yoga classes, and just generally being soothed in any situation. They’ve even been found to calm anxious pets!

Sanskrit Chants

Songs and Chants From Various Spiritual Traditions

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